GoFlight Interface Tool XPlane

GoFlight Interface Tool XPlane

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This version of the product is ONLY COMPATIBLE with X-Plane.

This digital download product allows you to interface the following GoFlight hardware to X-Plane 11, 10 and 9 (later versions):

  • MCP
  • EFIS
  • P8
  • T8
  • RP48
  • LGT
  • LGT II
  • GF45
  • GF46
  • GF166
  • WP6
  • MESM
  • SECM
  • DIO

How does it work?

GoFlight does not provide any support for X-Plane. There is a free plugin available that provides limited support to some GoFlight hardware and standard aircraft. However many complex aircraft use their own non standard Datarefs and Commands so the free plugin will not work with them.

The GoFlight Interface Tool is an interfacing tool that greatly improves your chances of getting complex/non-standard aircraft to work with your GoFlight hardware.

It allows you to connect your GoFlight hardware to X-Plane allowing full access to all X-Plane Datarefs and Commands. Moreover, you can create custom events to interface to more advanced aircraft that have created their own DataRefs and Commands.

It attempts to search for non standard Commands and DataRefs by:

  • Mimicking the DataRef Editor plugin and capturing additional aircraft DataRef notifications
  • Scanning the "...Resources\plugins" files (Commands.txt & DataRefs.txt)
  • Scanning the aircraft OBJ and ACF files
  • Looking for commands.txt and DataRef.txt in the aircraft directory
  • Optionally the normal hidden sim/private DataRefs can be used when in DRE Mimic Mode (over 800 internal X-Plane DataRefs)
  • Additional Global DataRefs/Commands that you have added that are available for all aircraft .e.g a plugin providing pushback services

The Detective function in the product, allows you to monitor in real-time what DataRefs are changing allowing you to know what to change/monitor for interfacing to your GoFlight hardware. It also allows you to create custom events (e.g. your own XPlane Commands) consisting of DataRef changes, Commands, key presses or calling other custom events.

A full on-line user guide is available here. It is strongly recommended you read the article titled Beginners Guide.

Key Features

  • Fully compatible with advanced aircraft such as the IXEG 737
  • Pre built configurations for other aircraft are available from the downloads area.
  • Configure all X-Plane Commands and DataRefs to all supported GoFlight hardware
  • All buttons, switches, selectors, rotaries, lights, displays and DIO attachments are supported
  • Identify normally hidden Commands and DataRefs using the Detective tool
  • Track all DataRef changes in real time using the Detective tool
  • Create Bespoke Events using simple point and click commands that can alter DataRefs and then assign these in the same way as Commands
  • Send key presses
  • Set and read standard and custom DataRefs
  • GF46 alerting service allows you to configure up-to 20 alerts that pop up on the device
  • Monitor an aircraft power variable to have all your GoFlight equipment power up or down.  Also monitor a separate variable to control devices that only power up when Avionics power is available.
  • Support for push and hold on suitable rotaries.
  • Now with integrated Lua support. Build and assign Lua scripts to GoFlight hardware to manipulate aircraft functions.

System Requirements

1) One of the following:

a. X-Plane version 11 32/64bit (from version of GIT) 

b. X-Plane version 10 32/64 bit

c. X-Plane version 9 32/64 bit (later versions)

2) .NET Framework version 3.5 and 4.7.1+ with all updates applied (via Windows Update)

3) Windows Vista/7/8/10 32/64 bit with all Windows Updates applied

4) Visual Studio 2017 C++ runtimes (provided with the software)


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