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Controlling the PMDG 737 MCP in Microsoft Flight Simulator


Virtual Flight Sim Hardware is a software suite delivered as a digital download product, that allows Android/Windows(UWP)/iOS tablets and touch screens to become flight simulator hardware called Device Panels providing any combination of switches, rotaries, LED displays, LED's, wheels, levers and simple gauges etc. This then allows you to use your tablet/touch screen device to control aircraft in the flight simulator or use it as an aircraft panel in a home cockpit.


Some of the pre-built Device Panels that are freely distributed as part of the software can be seen below (Note, everything was created using this software via the Virtual Hardware Builder and you are not restricted to only what you see here, you can build you own Components, Modules and Device Panels to meet your exact needs):

Key Features






 Tablet Flight Sim Hardware
   (Turn your tablet or touch screen into flight sim hardware allowing interaction with your flight sim without having to use the keyboard or mouse or buy expensive physical hardware)
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 Tablet Flight Sim Aircraft Panels
   (Turn your tablet or touch screen device into a subset of your aircrafts main panel allowing the display of multiple analogue style gauges)
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 Component Creation & Editing
   (Switches, push buttons, LED's, gauges, indicators, rotaries etc.)
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 Module Creation & Editing
   (Group Components/gauges together to form a meaningful collection)
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 Device Panel Creation & Editing
   (Group Modules together for display on a tablet/touch screen device)
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 Device Panel Group Creation & Editing
   (Group Device Panels together so they can be swiped onto a tablet/touch screen device in real time)
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 Module Configuration
    (Default Snippet assignment/building & Lit Method selection)
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 Device Panel Configuration
   (Default or aircraft specific Snippet assignment/building or direct configuration on a Component)
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 Lighting Effects
   (Dawn/dusk/night lighting, Device Panel lighting, Component/Part lighting)
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 Aircraft Power Bus Support
   (Components that light up can be assigned to aircraft power buses so that they only work when power becomes available on the assigned bus)
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 Multiple Tablet/Touch Screen Device Support 
   (Support for multiple connected tablets/touch screen devices running most versions of iOS, Android & Windows/UWP)
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 Pre-Built Content
   (Includes a large number of pre-built Components, and some Modules and Device Panels)
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 Pre-Built Snippets
   (A combination of Events/Commands and Variables/DataRefs that perform a function  E.g. The Taxi Lights Snippet can be assigned to a switch and LED components to turn on the taxi lights and light the LED when they are on, thus simplifying configuration)
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 Powerful Configuration Tools
   (As well as Snippets, you can build your own Events called Bespoke Events, full Lua scripting support is provided as well as Detective which allows the monitoring of Events and Variables/DataRefs in real time, helping you to interface to complex aircraft. FSUIPC integration is also available)
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 Aircraft Software Development Kit (SDK) Support
   (Inbuilt support for the PMDG 737/NGX/777/747/NGXu as well as the iFly 737/747 and Majestic Q400. Does not apply to X-Plane. Available support varies across platforms)
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 Full Flight Sim Access
   (Easy access to all Simconnect events and variables, local variables (lvars), mouse click events, MS FS2020 HTML events and X-Plane Commands and DataRefs, ensuring you can interface to most aircraft with relative ease)
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 Product Licensing
   (If you wish to sell your produced content to others, you can use our licensing tech which includes, centralised user key generation which can be called from your website or shopping platform, user key validation, and install count tracking amongst other useful utilities)
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 Product Encryption & Change Control
   (If you wish to sell your produced content to others, the files can be encrypted to stop tampering as well as providing options on what your customers can modify, if anything)
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 Flight Sim Bundle
   (Provides the Virtual Flight Sim Hardware software suite bundled up, so it supports all flight sim versions: FSX, FSX SE, Prepar3D, MS FS2020 and X-Plane in a single purchase)
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 * A Snippet is a number of specified Events and Variables configured to perform a function, such as turning on and off the taxi lights. It simplifies end user configuration as the Snippet can be used without having to understand how to configure Events and Variables.

** Lit Methods are a collection of configured Variables that can determine if specific lighting or power buses are active, e.g. Overhead Lighting.

Further Information

Detailed information can be found here.

Built In Components

A complete image list of all the built-in Components available to use in the Pro and Developer versions is available here.

Built In Modules

A complete image list of all the built-in Modules available in all versions is available here.

Tablet/Touch Screen Device Client App Links

It is recommended that you download and install the Client App onto the devices you intend to use with Virtual Flight Sim Hardware, before purchasing, to ensure that it will work with your devices.

For Android, use Google Play or click here.

For Windows/UWP, use Microsoft Store or click here.

For iOS, click here and install it via sideloading. Apple won't publish it because of the free content.

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